What the plastic???

Disc golf manufacturers often use different names for the types of plastic they use to make discs because they have their own proprietary blends and formulations. These different plastics can affect the flight characteristics, durability, grip, and feel of the disc. Using unique names for their plastic types allows manufacturers to brand and market their discs in a distinctive way and create a sense of identity and loyalty among players.

Common plastic names and types used by various disc golf manufacturers include Innova's Star, Champion, and DX plastics, Discraft's ESP, Z, and Jawbreaker plastics, and Dynamic Discs' Lucid, Fuzion, and Prime plastics. Each of these plastics has distinct properties, and players often choose discs based on the specific characteristics they desire for different aspects of their game.

In summary, the use of different plastic names by disc golf manufacturers is a combination of proprietary formulations, branding, marketing, and the need to differentiate between various plastic types to offer players a wide range of options. These names help players make informed choices about the discs they use in their games.

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